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Thread: Please give me your honest opinion on this scarf!

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    I really LOVE your scarves Gabrielle. I am not an expert actually I'm a newbie, but my very favorite one it the black and red flowers, it's gorgeous !! I don't know, there is something in the colors and textures combination, that makes me think on a Spanish Flamenco dancer wrapped around on it !! haha, ( I know I have a wild imagination )

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    Purple scarf

    I very interesting lesson I learned while shopping with my cousin--we have completely different taste! Neither one of us ever liked a thing the other was interested in for ourself, but got to a point where we could look at something and say, hey--this is for you, and get it right. I've sold some of what I thought were my ugliest pieces of jewelry and not some of my favs. As you've heard, different strokes and all! And I LOVE the poppy scarf!

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    Please give me your honest opinion on this scarf!
    Hello Gabrielle
    I loved the poppy scarf when I saw the photo on the other post - but now I've seen this photo where the whole of the scarf is on show, I'm blown away by its beauty and technical perfection.
    I do hope the lucky customer is paying you what you deserve - it must have taken a very long time to make, and it's bespoke and unique.

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    Please give me your honest opinion on this scarf!
    I am very honored by your nice comments about my scarf - - especially coming from someone with incredible talent as you! I thank you and all on the forum for their wonderful support!

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