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Thread: Star-Spiral felting needles

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    Star-Spiral felting needles

    Star-Spiral felting needles
    Just to let you all know:

    In my Etsy shop I now sell Star-Spiral felting needles.

    The Star-Spiral needle combines the best qualities of both the star and the spiral needles, it efficiently twists the fibers in with less resistance and it has 4 ribs, with 2 barbs each! This gives you a needle that has strength, twists the fibers in with 8 barbs, and it has even less resistance because of the star shaped core. Less resistance means less fatigue, smaller puncture marks and more fun and efficiency.

    This needle felts superfast and creates a dense felt in no time. The 8 barbs start very low on the shaft and spiral upwards. Because of this super efficient build the Star-Spiral needle grabs the thinnest whisps and fibers effortlessly. This makes it also very useful for fine detailing and creating patterns.

    Everybody who has liked the page send me a message to obtain a $ 1 discount coupon BEFORE ORDERING. This discount is available till February 28, 2015

    All the best,

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