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Thread: Felting Challenge to win a drop spindle

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    Looks like a lovely spindle (very neat dots!) I have a bit of an obsession with spirals and twirls so might have to take up the challenge.
    Jane Kiwi
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    Felting Challenge to win a drop spindle
    Oooh! It's lovely and it looks very soft and snuggly.

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    Love it, Ann. It really looks great.

    I haven't been able to make anything because I have been having major issues with one of my eyes and whirling fibers would not have been a good idea. I may get a chance this weekend, but am not sure until I see the doc on Friday.

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    Felting Challenge to win a drop spindle
    Thank you it is quite heavy I made it for cool fall weather.

    Hope your eyes are doing better Pam. I will cross my fingers for you and then maybe you will have something to post on Monday.

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