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Thread: Control dying prefelt with kool aid

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    Question Control dying prefelt with kool aid

    Control dying prefelt with kool aid
    Can anyone help? I would like to "paint" a large piece of prefelt with multiple colors of kool aid dyes. Do I have to heat set it? How will I heat set such a large piece without messing my design? (I plan on dampening the prefelt well & laying it out onto plastic, then painting with the mixed kool aid.) I also have to be careful not to felt it!

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    Just seen your post relating to dyes. I have to admit I have had no joy in painting prefelt, as all the colours ran into each other while at the painting stage. I have, however, had a lot of success dying rainbow fleece. I found I could steam this in clingfilm. If you have found a method of painting prefelt please share it! Thanks. PS, I don't know what kool aid is.

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    Control dying prefelt with kool aid
    Yes, you will need heat. Not sure what "large" means. You can steam the prefelt in a turkey roaster after sealing in plastic wrap or place in a large plastic trash bag (use tape to connect several together) and place in sun (indoors in a window or outdoors in summer).

    Kool Aid is a powder drink mix in the US that can be used as an acid dye on protein fiber. Don't add the sugar! Not very wash fast.

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