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Thread: How to comb a batt?

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    How to comb a batt?

    I have a big bundle of merino fiber, very fluffy, that is sort of more a batt. I want it to be lined up like roving, can anyone tell me how to go about this? I want to make a ruffle scarf from the fiber so it would be better combed like roving comes. This was given to me by a friend so I don't know anything about it except that it is merino.

    thanks for any suggestions.

    - Nancy

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    How to comb a batt?
    Hello Nancy - have a look at this very good youtube video that shows how to turn a batt into roving.

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    What you need to do is pull it through a diz. Now don't worry about getting one of those as I use a small filter funnel!! Get a crochet hook and pull a bit through then just keep pulling stuff through - it will never be like a combed top but stuff will line up a bit more. You can also use a button, bit of coconut sheel with a hole drilled through but I found a small funnel to be OK.

    Hope that helps,


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    Thanks for your replies! My "batt" is less dense, and pulls apart more easily than the one in the video in the first reply. I will try pulling it through the filter funnel as I have a perfect one to try, and post my results here.

    thanks again,


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