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    Youtube Tutorial

    Youtube Tutorial
    Stumbled on this tutorial today..........
    How to make a nuno felted purse

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    I am going to have to try that someday-as soon as I get enough roving!! I am wondering - when she sews that bag together, doesn't the thread pull thru the felt? I have had this happen to me when I am attaching buttons/straps to a (knitted) felted handbag? Anyone have a really good solution? Kelly

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    I think there was an answer to the sewing on felt question in Pat Sparks Felting List. I don't have the address at hand but you can search on those words and it should come up.

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    I sew my felted things together all the time. Here's the difference with felted fibers verses knitted/fulled yarn: knitted/fulled yarn often retains separate fibers because of the nature of using yarns. The yarns felt as yarn, rather than entangling all together as the fibers in wet or needle felting. Wet & needle felting fibers creates a denser fabric. You can also control how thick or thin you make fabric. When making my bags I'll often use only three layers but, shrink it down to 50% that makes for a very tough fabric that is almost too thick to sew on my sewing machine! By adding a fabric such as gauze, muslin or silk it really solidifies things and makes them very durable and holds a seam very well. I believe in the video, I haven't watched it in a while, she is actually doing a nuno piece which has silk in it.
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