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Thread: Painting with wool

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    Painting with wool

    Painting with wool
    Hello all,

    I have recently seen some pieces (wall art) that look like they have been painted. Some of the detail is such small scale and beautifully constructed. I am not sure if I could do this, I think it is referred to as 'painting with fibres'. Has anyone done this, how is it done.

    Am I right in thinking- you make a prefelt, then needle felt on top then fully felt? So beautiful....(in my dreams).....have a look

    Shelley x

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    Re: Painting with wool

    I have a book that makes pics by having a piece of felt then layering roving on top which just sticks to the felt as is iykwim. I can't lay my hands on it right now cos i am in bed her work looks like needle felted onto felt thought - there is a section in the Ashford Needlefelting book about making stuff like that too - basically just needlefelting it onto a background in layers to build up the pic

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    Re: Painting with wool

    Back in the early 90's, I took a 5-day wet felting class with Beth Beede, since retired, I believe.

    She had some of her "wool paintings" on display and they were of the kind you describe - looked like paintings from a distance, in fact even up closer. These were all done by wet felting, no needles used and the detail was outstanding.

    I played with the idea on a little coat I made in that class for my American Girl doll. I think my picture is somewhat discernible, but my experiment was nowhere near what Beth did. I quickly realized how difficult this technique is. I've tried it again on a few small items, but haven't come close yet. Her work was so beautiful, a very high goal to reach for.


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    Re: Painting with wool

    Most people do this with a combination of wet felting and needle felting. Successful "paintings" have more to do with color mixing, composition and skill in laying out your fibers. You can do these just wet felting or just needle felting as well. So your idea of making a prefelt, then needle felting and then wet felting would work fine. Just try one (I suggest you use a photo or sketch as your inspiration source) and see how it comes out. The more you do them, the better you will become.

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    Re: Painting with wool

    I took a course with Pat Spark in November. Pat starts with a prefelt background, then uses needle felting and finishes with wet felting. She has an excellent book she has written that describes the process. It is time consuming but you can see from her work, especially the parrot that the work is really wonderful. She uses "stencils" that you make to make sure that what you are making is true to what you want to make. It was a three day class and i just finished teaching a one day course on needle & wet felting a fish that everyone completed and they were all very pleased with.

    From looking at Liz Emery's work it does look like it is all wet felted and that she has a wonderful way of using the wool. I would imagine that it took a long time to acquire the skill to be able to paint like that so I guess the old adage is true here "practise, practise, practise".
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    Re: Painting with wool

    Painting with wool
    Pat Sparks book is very good. its called watercolour felt workbook I think. Other people I see needle felt then wet felt and then finish the details with needle felt again. Some people embroider at the end for more detail. I think you can do it many ways.

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    Re: Painting with wool

    Painting with wool
    Thanks, will try these routes. Will be fun to have a play- although I can't paint for toffee...ha

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