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Thread: Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno

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    Question Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno

    Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno
    Hi there! I'm brand new and very happy to meet you all. You seem a friendly bunch
    Could anyone recommend a nuno fabric that has minimal shrinkage?
    I was so proud of a 'starry starry night' scarf I made yesterday on silk gauze. It looked beautiful until I threw it.... now it's too shrunken for my liking and the picture is distorted . Should I throw less? or use a different fabric? or just not make pictures using nuno? thanks very much. Sara

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    All fabrics will shrink with nuno felting. The majority of fabrics shrink 40 -50% and some up to 60%. Silk gauze usually shrinks at least 50%. Take a look at the machine felting section (even if you don't have a felting machine) and look at Linda's wool paintings. If that is the look you are going for, she has tons of information on her blog about making those. I think nuno will always distort a design that is very detailed. If you throw less, the wool won't be attached thoroughly. Show us a photo of the scarf though, I'd love to see it.

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    Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno
    Hi Ruth
    Thanks so much for your quick answer. Linda's work is stunning, thanks for alerting me to her (I'm not in her league although I do plan to have a go at making some pictures after getting Rosiepink's gorgeous 'Creating Felt Artwork' book). I may try starting with a bigger piece of silk. My starry starry night scarf does look a bit better after a good iron....hmmmm. here it is anyway, before and after felting.
    Before:Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno-starry-starry-night-015-jpgFabric Shrinkage in Nuno-starry-starry-night-043-jpg

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    Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno
    Hello Sara
    Are you being too harsh on yourself? The scarf looks beautiful.
    I like the swirl in the sky and I'm wondering what that pattern on its own would look like repeated over a whole scarf - experimenting is the best part of felting!

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    Saras i think it looks gorgeous

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    Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno
    Sara that is a lovely scarf. The shrinkage of nuno is determined more by the amount and layout of the wool rather than the fabric you use. Really the best thing to do is to make yourself some sample swatches taking careful note of the starting size of the fabric, the type and weight of wool you use and the design you lay it out in. After felting, measure the finished piece and you will soon have some reference samples so you know how big you need to start to get the finished size you want. If this is the first piece of nuno you have made then I am really looking forward to the next!

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    Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno
    Thanks so much ladies! Maybe I am being a bit harsh (that's what my boyf said too but that's his job!) but I guess I had a vision of the end result. Rome wasn't built in a day...!! I am writing some details down but I will have to try swatches. I like the swirl idea Lyn, I'll give that a go! I'm tripping over myself to try everything! I really appreciate your comments. I am looking forward to learning lots from you all (and one day, contributing something back!! ). Sara

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    Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno
    I think its a very nice scarf. i think youwill be a great nunofelter if this is how you are starting out. I think you are right you just need to start bigger to end up the length you want. If you do your samples starting at 10x10 then its easy to figure out how much it shrinks. and later if you loose the paper you wrote everything down on you will still have a good idea of shrinkage for different weights of fiber and types of fabric even it is not exact.

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    I agree with everyone else - your scarf is wonderful and I think you can still see the design very clearly. I agree with Christie too about the amount of wool affecting the shrinkage rate. I did do samples using the same amount of wool on different fabrics and they do shrink differently depending on the fabric itself. There are many factors that affect shrinkage, both in nuno and tradtional wet felting.

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    Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno
    I think your scarf looks very good.

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    Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno
    thanks ladies! all great ideas (swatch swatch swatch!!) and I'm so happy with all the encouragement! has anyone seen 500 Felt Objects (Nathalie Mornu) yet? oh wow, talk about felted eye candy!! Thanks again and have a lovely weekend.

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    Fabric Shrinkage in Nuno
    I loved the scarf but I know how it is when you finish something and you don't like the way it turned out. You have to accept what happened and then you may like it better than your original idea after all. Or, chalk it up to the "what not to do" pile and your next one will be better. There are no teachers like Experience or Trial and Error.

    Linda Hall
    Author of “The ART of Machine Needle Felting” book and CD
    Linda Hall
    Author of “The ART of Machine Needle Felting” book and CD

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