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Thread: Felt boots

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    Felt boots

    Felt boots
    I love the new creative direction of wet felting
    but the clothes decided to develop the direction of winter shoes

    Felt boots-dsc_0050-jpgFelt boots-dsc_0085-jpgFelt boots-dsc_0096-jpgFelt boots-dsc_0110-jpgFelt boots-dsc_0116-jpgFelt boots-dsc_0050-jpg

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    Felt boots
    WOW! Very impressive!

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    Felt boots
    They are simply fabulous!

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    Felt boots
    oh my!!! Amazing!! I love love love them!!!!

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    Felt boots
    Thank you Emily
    I myself love the process of felting
    Felt boots "Chameleon"

    Felt boots-chameleon-boot20-jpg

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    Felt boots
    Fabulous! I can't even begin to imagine where your would start felting those kind of boots!

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    Felt boots
    Thank you Momo
    felting shoes of felt like making sculptures
    Felt boots "MOOD"

    Felt boots-dsc_0008-jpgFelt boots-dsc_0007-jpg
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    Felt boots
    Super incredible, You made those yourself? WOW!

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    Nice boots for sure, I'd like to make boots too, thou I'm thinking of making a sheet of felt then cut and sew... don't know if I could make boots from resist without an actual foot for shaping, for production means. Have done some for family members and myself, but I didn't have a sole to put on them either so they became house slippers. I did felt some boots for my daughter when she was about 2 yrs old, I put wool socks in oversized shoe then placed the shoe into the felt boot, while I did chores outside, I checked on her feet periodically and they were toasty.

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    Felt boots
    Thank you!!!
    boots without a seam
    Only wool + water + soap + sole for shoes
    Felt boots-boot_bord29-jpg
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    Felt boots
    Collection development shoes seems to me interesting
    Felt boots Vivat Frida

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    Felt boots
    new collection felt low shoes "Calvados"

    more photos
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