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magic carpet pilot


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Currently I am in Ecuador with a bit of time on my hands.
I was fortunate enough to acquire some alpaca fleece and have made a vessel using the balloon method.
My question is now that it is dry can I lay dyed alpaca fleece over it and wet felt it again? I then want to needle felt a scene on to it. The background is a natural beige colour and I would like to get some green and blue shades for the ground and sky. The vessel is round and not very thick so I was thinking I could firm it up with the coloured wool. Is it possible that the wool will felt together?

I hope this is clear.

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  1. Rebekah DeVivo-Ostro's Avatar
    This post was 2 yrs ago but just to give you an answer. You may be able to if it is not completly felted. You can try raising the fiber out by using a hand carder or what I use a dog comb (the one that looks like a mini hand carder) this will pull out the fibers and the fibers that you want to felt on have fiber to lock together. You may need to needle felt it a bit before by hand carding the existing vessel - then laying down the fibers you want (thin layers crisscrossing ) then needle felting them in place so they are tacked in place. Then I would use cold water which will help the fibers connect slowly ...if you use hot water the fibers you just layed will felt on top and not felt into the existing felt. I woud try to work slow and gentle. Once you see it connecting not just felting on top but felting(connecting)to the original vessel add little bit more pressure. Once youve felted it as far as it will go you can go back over the spots that have not completly felted. Hope this helps even though its 2 years too late hahaha