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Thread: Cotton scrim shawl

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    Cotton scrim shawl

    My first time working with cotton scrim. I really enjoyed it! Took no time to felt.. especially with the dryer method.
    I wrote about it in my blog:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The colours are lovely together and the whole thing is a joy! I'll bet you work with scrim again.

    I really do have to try this tumbler method - haven't had the courage yet.

    I love scrim. My daughter and I have dyed our own - it was fun and we achieved some great colours.

    We use scrim as embellishment in our felting and this photo (sorry - poor quality) shows how a circle of dyed scrim was felted onto a pod.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    p.s. Your photos are always very good - you manage to show your scarves and shawls very well.
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    Nicole, once again - you amaze me with your creative talents!

    Lyn, thank you for the inspiration! I LOVE your scrim embellished pod and your pile of dyed scrim! Thank goodness this coming monday is a national holiday for me, now I need to hurry and find some scrim.............

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    I also love scrim! I can get really big scarves, much cheaper than silk. Plus, I really like the texture. In fact, I have a scrim scarf I laid out last night in my studio. I need to felt it today. I was wondering if the dryer would work for nuno. I see now it will. Thanks Parvana!

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    They look great, love the look of that cotton scrim, I never thought to use that!

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    It's a lovely scarf. The colours are great.
    Lyn your scrim looks like a much tighter weave. It looks great on the little pot.

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    Thanks guys.

    I love your beautiful pod! The detail of the scrim is so lovely, what a nice contrast.

    Meagan, I hope the scarf came out well in the dryer!

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    It did turn out! I think I'll do it again, although to be honest, I rather like the rolling. It's the wetting down and rubbing I could skip! Thanks for sharing the dryer tip!

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    What a beautiful shawl!! I too have found the dryer method sooooo easy and time saving.
    I was curious how you finish the edges on such a loose weave? Is there a USA source to buy finished scarf and shawl blanks in cotton scrim? I love to felt, but am terrible at sewing.

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    Lyn, where do you get your scrim? I've been looking online for some sold by the meter but the only loose weeve stuff I've found was sold in small pieces, which is OK for embellishing but no good for larger projects.

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    I've been purchasing dyed scrim on Etsy. There's a lot of sellers that offer it for fiber work, but also check out scrim/cheesecloth sold for child photography props. I've had good luck finding longer lengths from the photography folks. If you can dye it yourself, you could get some from cheese making places, too. In fact, my local grocery even carries it. I actually use it to make cheese

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    LillyBeth - this is where I got the scrim (50 metre rolls) from:

    Ann - the scrim is quite a loose weave when it's new on the roll. Firstly the dyeing process tightens it up then when it's felted onto wool, it tightens up some more!

    If anyone hasn't yet tried to dye scrim and wants to have a go, there's a free tutorial on our blog.

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    Ann - here's a photo of the weave of the new scrim. It's quite uniform, but the dyeing distorts it as well as the felting.

    Nicole - have you altered the scrim you used, or do you think it's different from what I refer to as scrim? I think yours makes a better scarf.
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    Kathy, lillybeth and lyn,

    I get my scrim from Rae's Rags in australia:
    Her scrim seems like a much looser weave.

    I bought some white scrim and it looked really tight and uniformed, for some reason the scrim that Rae has is just much more open, I couldn't find anything like hers undyed.
    With this shawl, the more I felted the swirls the looser the weave got around it, came out with some cool texture!


    I finish my edges with wool. On this shawl, one piece is hemmed the other three were not, so I just spread the tiniest amount of wool along the edges and that takes care of it! I cannot sew either, so I prefer to do it with wool. Here's a tip, if you don't like the look of wool around the edges of the scarf, take the piece that is unhemmed and fold it to lets say the middle of your scarf, then when you are adding your wool that crease will be covered up but you'll get a nice almost ruffle edge of unhemmed chiffon or whatever you're using. I hope that makes sense!

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