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Thread: Gertie Balls and Balloons

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    Gertie Balls and Balloons

    I got a Gertie ball the other week and tried my hand at felting a hollow doll body with it. Great fun! Now my questions is, I know some folks use balloons instead of the gertie balls. How well does this work? I want to make a bigger body but I don't want to buy every size gertie ball out there. I thought the balloons would be more economical in the long haul.
    Next...getting htose arms, legs and head attached!


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    Joyce - I'm not even sure what a Gertie ball is so I won't be much help. I did see a tutorial for using a balloon online somewhere - it might have been on Craftster. So I know it's been done but I haven't personally tried it.

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    Gertie Balls and Balloons
    hi, I use both for vessels. I only have one size Gerti ball. They are firmer than balloons but balloons work great.
    Ruth, a Gerti ball is one of the ball you can blow up and let down again. It comes with a straw and a plug.

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    I tried the baloon, but it broke despite that it was pubch balloon, which is a little sturdier. maybe, if you are very gentle, then it would work. Not for me! I think I will need to get more gertie sizes!

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