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Thread: Ino doll

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    Ino doll

    Ino doll


    (pixies sleep with their eyes open haha)

    This is Ino the lounging Pixie another doll with Kay's class perfect rainy day for it today
    so sat with him for five hours lol he's still not quite finished I'll take nicer photos when its dryer outside.


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    Re: Ino doll

    Fantastic Jess and dontcha just love Kay's dvd's, so much fun

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    Re: Ino doll

    Thanks Kaza yeah I'm really happy with his face this time
    I hope next time to make a girl doll lol just gotta be in the mood
    and have the inspiration ^^


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    Re: Ino doll

    Ohh Jess he is just adorable...great job and such personality. Following along with Kay is so awesome, it's like having here sitting there with you....and no matter how many times you watch the DVD you learn somehting new.....did you get a peek at Kay's new DVD the Santa. He is AWESOME!


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    Re: Ino doll

    Thanks Patti yeah I've seen it ^^ can't wait till its out


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